Watch our latest video of how to make this widely enjoyed Nigerian Fried rice the Souldeliciouz way. Our secret ingredient is our very own Souldelciouz Curry Spice which you can purchase by clicking on the Shop tab. Have fun watching guys and stay safe!





  • 1 Cup/185g of Rice


  • 2 Teaspoon Salt


  • 2 Teaspoon Souldeliciouz Curry


  • 1 Teaspoon Black pepper


  • 1 Teaspoon Thyme


  • 2 Seasoning Cubes


  • 200g Peas


  • 200g Chopped Carrots


  • 200g Sweet Corn


  • 1 Chopped Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Optional)


  • 1 Large Chopped Red Onion


  • 1 Tablespoon Butter


  • 170g King Prawns


  • 4 Chopped Frankfurters or 200g of Chopped Liver


  • 2-4 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil


First step is to pre-cook the Rice….




Wash rice and transfer in a pot and add water just above the rice.


  • Add 1 teaspoon Salt


  • Add 1 teaspoon Souldeliciouz Curry Powder


  • Stir and allow to cook until all water has dried out.


Now, let’s make our Nigerian Fried Rice….




  • Add the Vegetable oil in the pan


  • Add the Chopped veggies and Scotch bonnet peppers


  • Add all the Spices (Curry, Thyme and Black Pepper)


  • Add 1 Teaspoon Salt and Seasoning Cubes


  • Stir Fry for about 2 minutes


  • Then add the King prawns and stir fry for about 1 minute


  • Add the Frankfurters and stir fry some 2 more minutes


  • Add the cooked rice and evenly stir into the Veggies


  • Add the Butter and stir into rice until fully melted.


  • Serve with choice of Meats




Tips & Suggestions


  • Vegetarians and Vegans can substitute prawns and sausages for smoked or regular tofu.


  • You can choose to add as much scotch bonnet peppers or none at all.


  • Butter can be substituted for Vegan butter


  • Liver is the used in most Nigerian Fried rice recipes, however, this is optional. You can use any smoked sausages or chopped chicken breasts.








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